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Are you looking to gain a better understanding of transition minerals and critical raw materials? Would you like to explore ways to ensure responsible supply chains in the transition over to low-carbon energy and net zero? Then The E-Waste Column is for you!


The column covers developments in law, policy, and business regarding e-waste, transition minerals, and critical raw materials. It also explores how the electronics, technology, and renewable energy sectors can become more sustainable.


The column is written by Christine Nikander and published weekly on Wednesdays at 12PM CET (The Hague) or 6AM EST (New York).

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About the Column

Have you ever wondered…

🌱 What happens to your old phone after you dispose of it?

🌱 What are conflict minerals and in which products are they used?

🌱 What resources will we need for the upcoming energy transition?

🌱 What human rights and environmental issues come with “green energy”?

🌱 Can we actually build largescale battery capacity to store renewable energy?

🌱 How are land, water and indigenous peoples’ rights linked to renewable energies?

🌱 How can we ensure responsible supply chains in the transition over to low-carbon energy?


In the current climate, all of these are excellent questions to be asking yourself! If you are looking for answers and an overview to all these topics, The E-Waste Column is the perfect weekly read for you.


The column touches upon a range of topics including ESG, sustainable development, circular economy, EU law and policymaking, corporate social responsibility, the transition to renewable energy, the EU Green Deal, supply chain due diligence and auditing, human environmental rights, business and human rights, climate law, and corporate sustainability.

If there are any specific topics or questions that you would like to have addressed or answered in the column, feel free to reach out via e-mail at


Disclaimer: The views reflected in The E-Waste Column are author’s own and based on her personal research. The column does not receive external funding or funding from third parties. It is partially funded through donations and voluntary contributions from readers. The remaining costs for running the column are covered by the author herself.

About the Author

Christine Nikander has been doing scholarly research into the legal and policy framework surrounding e-waste and conflict minerals since 2015. In The E-Waste Column, she draws upon this expertise and writes about recent developments in law, policy, and business.


Nikander studied law at the universities of Columbia (New York), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Leiden (the Netherlands). She enjoys working at the nexus of law, business, sustainability, and social impact. In 2022, she therefore founded the the environmental and social sustainability consultancy, Palsa & Pulk.

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