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Christine Nikander

Christine Nikander has been doing scholarly research into the legal and policy framework surrounding e-waste and conflict minerals since 2015. In The E-Waste Column, she draws upon this expertise and writes about recent developments in law, policy, and business. Christine studied law at the universities of Columbia (New York), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Leiden (the Netherlands). She enjoys working at the nexus of law, business, sustainability, and social impact. In 2022, she therefore founded the the environmental and social sustainability consultancy, Palsa & Pulk.


Guest Contributor

Saskia Tykkyläinen

Saskia Tykkyläinen is a freelance sustainability and strategy consultant at Palsa & Pulk. She studied industrial product design and business management. Saskia has extensive experience working with young growth firms and entrepreneurs in accelerator and education programs. In her consultancy work, she takes on projects that design and build sustainable business practices.

Saskia writes about sustainable design and she has been a guest contributor to The E-Waste Newsletter since April 2024.

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